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Episode 6

Ryan Lemond of Kentucky Sports Radio and more than a decade covering Kentucky sports for a Lexington television station stops by NutHouse Studios for an extended conversation about his life, Kentucky, and exactly when he went from covering the University of Kentucky to a member of Big Blue Nation.
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Season 1 Episode 6
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Today's Segments
Ryan Lemond Interview (Parts 1 and 2)
Produced by: TyniBrian Edited by: Malachi Woodard

Today's Music

First Music Break
The Lost River Cavemen – On The Road 
Kingtucky – Social Media Dreams 
Cody Lee Meece – Bring Your Lovin Back Home 
Second Music Break

Kevin Dalton & The Tuesday Blooms – The Seventh Wind 
Charly Ray – Rooftops 
Dan Deel – There’s a Possum Loose In Heaven


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