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Episode 5

Our first live show, to an audience of one. We return to Boone country for a traditional music discussion with Karly Dawn Milner. Then head back to Jackson County to finish our discussion with "cheese lady" Kathy Rowe. Plus a whole bunch of great music.
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Season 1 Episode 5
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Producer/Music Supervisor: Victor Anderson @vitoxme
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Thanks to Joey Aces
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Today's Segments
"Kentucky Traditional Music"
Produced by: TyniBrian Edited by: Malachi Woodard

"Making Cheese and Laws"
Produced by: TyniBrian Edited by: Malachi Woodard

Today's Music

First Music Break
Restless Leg String Band – "I Can Breath, Let’s Party"
The JRE – "Fall in Love With the World"
Ginnie Johnson Terry – "One Tear Too Many"

Second Music Break
Karly Dawn Milner – “Been in the Bend”
Rainbow Star – “Holler Ghosts”
E-Flat – “Never Mind the Bullshit”


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