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Episode 3

We spend the hour with Chip Cosby talking the last twenty years of UK Football and the last 100 days in Louisville.
BlueGrass HomeFront
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Recorded at Nuthouse Studios in Lexington Kentucky
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Season 1 Episode 3 - September 15, 2020
Your Hosts
Executive Producer – “Tyni” Brian K Woodard (@tynibrian)
Producer/Music Supervisor – Victor Anderson (@vitoxme)
Associate Producer/Editor - Malachi Woodard
Special Thanks - Kathern Leon-Anderson, Michael Trent
The BlueGrass HomeFront theme, “My Old Kentucky Home” performed by Miles Osland and the Little Big Band, used with permission.
Bluegrass Homefront season one album art by William Thrasher. He is a cartoonist, saxophonist, host of Sequelcast 2 podcast (https://sequelcast2.podbean.com/), and creative director of Kettle of Fish Productions.
Thanks to Joey Aces for today’s liner.
Today’s Segments
“Wildcat Football History” Edited by Malachi Woodard
Recorded on location in Louisville, Kentucky.
“100 Days in Louisville” Edited by Malachi Woodard
Recorded on location in Louisville, Kentucky.
Today’s Music
Please support these Kentucky artists who very generously allow the use of their music for BlueGrass HomeFront.
First Music Break
Pearlie Jenkins- Entirely Possible https://www.facebook.com/pearliejenkins2017/
Vena Cava- White Lighter https://www.facebook.com/venacavakymusic
Sarah Wood O’Donnell- Girl of Constant Sorrow https://www.facebook.com/sarahwoodkentucky/
Second Music Break
The Lost River Cavemen- Life’s Gonna Be Different https://www.facebook.com/LostRiverCavemen/
Marcus Wilkerson- Norm for the Spider https://www.facebook.com/MaarcusWilkersonMusic/
Karly Dawn and the Hillfolk- Jubilee https://www.facebook.com/KarlyDawnandHillFolk/

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