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Episode 10

Six great songs from Kentucky artists. We journey to the West End of Louisville to spend some time with Kentucky Statehouse Representative Attica Scott. But first, Victor's oldest friend Cherie Bevins joins us in studio and we talk to her and Amber Hagberg, the creative team behind My Living Yoga Journal.
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Season 1 Episode 10
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Executive Producer: "Tyni" Brian K Woodard @tynibrian
Producer/Music Supervisor: Victor Anderson @vitoxme
Associate Producer: Malachi Woodard
Thanks to Cherie Bevins for joining us in studio for Episode 10.

Special Thanks: Kathern Leon Anderson and Michael Trent

Today's Segments

My Living Yoga Journal creative team Amber Hagberg and Kentucky native Cherie Bevins
Produced by: TyniBrian Edited by: Malachi N Woodard

Interview with Kentucky House Representative Attica Scott
Produced by: TyniBrian Edited by: Malachi N Woodard

Today's Music

First Music Break

Sarah Breit - Don't Wait
Killi Killi - Well, What About The Damn Wells
The Lockaways - Another Change

Second Music Break

Melanie A Davis - Memory
Ginnie Johnson Terry - Talkin' Dirty
Joslyn and the Sweet Compression - Don't You Bother

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