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Recorded at Nuthouse Studios in Lexington Kentucky
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Season 1 Episode 1 - September 1, 2020
Your Hosts
Executive Producer – “Tyni” Brian K Woodard (@tynibrian)
Producer/Music Director – Victor Anderson (@vitoxme)
Additional Credits
Associate Producer/Editor - Malachi Woodard
Special Thanks - Kathern Leon-Anderson, Michael Trent
The BlueGrass HomeFront theme, “My Old Kentucky Home” performed by Miles Osland and the Little Big Band, used with permission.
Bluegrass Homefront season one album art by William Thrasher. He is a cartoonist, saxophonist, host of Sequelcast 2 podcast (https://sequelcast2.podbean.com/), and creative director of Kettle of Fish Productions. 

Today’s Segments
“Artist Interview: Karly Dawn Milner” Edited by Malachi Woodard
Recorded on location in Hebron, Kentucky.
“Meet the Libertarians” clips edited by Malachi Woodard
Clips recorded in Lexington, Kentucky.
Thanks to all the Kentucky Libertarians who taught us a few things. 
Thanks to Jeremy B. Sutherland. The Obtuse Angles podcast is on iTunes, Spotify and virtually everywhere you get podcasts. @fluxingat88mph on Instagram for artwork and upcoming shows. And @obtusepodcast on Twitter
Today’s Music
Please support these Kentucky artists who very generously allow the use of their music for BlueGrass HomeFront.
First Music Break
Downtrend – Roll The Credits, downtrendmetal.com find them on Facebook. 
Kentucky Cowhands – I’m An Ole’ Cowhand, find them on FaceBook,  Spotify, Youtube Music
Karly Dawn and the Hillfolk - Hillbilly Highway, karlydawnandhillfolk.com find them on Facebook.
Second Music Break
Magic in the Mountains – Karly Dawn 
Honey Be – Joslyn and the Sweet Compression, https://joslynandtsc.com/ find them on Facebook, Spotify, Youtube Music, Apple Music, Deezer
Warren Byrom- The Fabled Canelands, Find them on Facebook, Youtube Music, Spotify, Apple Music, Bandcamp
 Edits and Corrections

In the initial version of this episode, the song "Honey Be" was accidentally shortened. Additionally, the names of the participants in the on-street interviews at the Lexington Libratarian rally were omitted from the segments. These issues are now corrected and we regret the error. 

The best Kentucky music and stories, delievered occasionally

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Podchaser - Bluegrass Homefront
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